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What People Say About

Working With Scott 

"Scott Is A True Thought Leader !"


Scott is an intelligent and committed individual who takes pride in his work. He has an open, direct and pragmatic style that commands respect and a willingness to provide honest feedback. His courage in challenging the statue quo establishes him as a true thought leader in any industry.



Amar Mangu

Banking Consultant​

"YOU ROCK !!" 


Hi Scott, I saw your offer hit my mailbox this morning and I could not wait to open it knowing the other high quality products you offer. And You Rock !! and I am certainly not the first to tell you that :)

Best Wishes and a nice day, all the way from France


Sophie Perrin


Scott Is THAT Good !


Scott and the team have gone and done it again! The Affiliate Rock Star video series was great, but his services are killer. Take his training, watch his videos and let him take your business to the next level.


You can actually learn something. True business in a box products and services. Could go on and on but the team do not need a lot of hype. Scott is that good and that is all I am going to say...


Terry Jett

Owner - QikSoft​

"$16k In 3 Weeks !! "


Hi Scott,

Thanks again for facilitating some of the best sales training. I believe I've had in my career.


It was gruelling, at times, but on-point for where I need to be to lead in my new sales career. You have been a focused and inspirational coach and tremendously supportive and challenging in equal measures.


I have brought over $16000 in 3 weeks in my new position, and I feel its due to the consistent training and coaching from yourself. So Thank You.

Kristy Collins

Sales Consultant​

"Highly Recommended !" 


I've really enjoyed working with Scott.

He has a very detailed understanding of sales, and sales processes, and with his 'granular view' (as he likes to call it), still manages to break common processes and practices down to a very fine level, and amazingly, does so while still making the training fun and engaging.


He has been a real pleasure, and I would recommend to anyone, experienced in sales or otherwise, who might benefit from a thoughtful and enlightening perspective on what makes sales and sales processes work

Rory Mckay

Sales Consultant​

"ROI Is Virtually Guaranteed"


I've known Scott and the team for quite some time and I can tell you that no-one else I've dealt with puts more thought, planning, care and passion into what they create for their customers.


There's not a thing this guy and his team does without putting 100%. You'll absolutely get your money's worth and I recommend staying in touch with Scott and his team as your ROI is virtually guaranteed. Great work Scott!




Kezz Bracey

Owner -​

"Over $50K Commissions In Just 3 Months"


"More Great Feedback"


Clients & Experience

These are just some of the blue chip companies Scott has worked for and with.

There’s nothing better than attention grabbing words to kick-off a bio, so check these out:


I Teach You How To Communicate & Sell To The Modern Customer 


Social Sales. Business Development. Outsourcing & Online Marketing Expert


🏆Author | 7 Figure Sales Skills

🏆Award Winning Digital Product Creator

🏆Founder | 7 Figure Sales Academy

🏆Over $500 Million In Revenue Generated


🏆Last but not least... Father of 4. World's Greatest Dad :)


OK, in fairness, that last one isn’t confirmed yet, but I feel like I should at least be in the running when they announce the award winners.


Founder of SALLAN GLOBAL, and having worked in senior sales and executive positions in the global outsourcing industry, I have generated over $500 million in sales revenue for the companies I have worked for and with in my career to date.


Recently, I was named one of the 30 Most Creative Corporate Leaders To Watch by Insights Success Magazine. I have not yet been named Male Model of the Year, but I feel like 2020 is my year :)

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