Completely automated funnels designed for thought leaders and influencers

built in the all in one platform KARTRA


    Build INSTANT TRUST with your website visitors


    GRIP your visitors attention when they visit your site


    Be seen as an AUTHORITY with your visitors and prospects


    STAND OUT from your competitors and get noticed


    CONVERT more of your visitors into leads

These Authority Engine Funnel Campaigns Are For Coaches, Agencies, Salespeople & Thought Leaders Who Want To Amplify Their Authority & Generate Leads and Sales With Their Own High Ticket Products & Services 


You need your own personal authority engine (website) to communicate your value and thought leadership to the modern customer


You don't just want to take up more online real estate though by having a "digital brochure" you need an authority engine and sales funnel that can capture leads, book appointments, showcase your skills and more.


You also need sales and automation tools in place to manage all this, so you need a members area, helpdesk, email nurture sequencing and more.


Built in the Kartra platform, these complete Authority Engine Sales Funnels can be deployed in 60 seconds and edited in just an afternoon !


All the hard work has already been done for you and you can edit any element you wish.


All you need to do is add in your own copy, photos, videos and links and this site is ready to generate authority, leads and sales immediately.



    Build INSTANT TRUST with your website visitors with your own DONE FOR YOU Authority Engine Influencer funnel campaigns


    High converting Pre-written placeholder page copy (just fill in the blanks, so simple) 


    Yep, thats right, pre-written and/or placeholder email sequences (cart abandon, nurture and promo emails, amongst others) to take your new prospect through each stage of the sales process and upsells

So Have These Funnels Worked For Me & My Clients ?

These Are More Than Just Funnels; These Are Complete Authority Building, Client Getting Marketing Campaigns all DONE FOR YOU !!

Choose Your Funnel

Take your personal brand next level with your own authority website, lead gen machine, 

with sales and marketing automation all included !

Similar to the famed PLF style product launch funnel, this masterclass funnel begins with a high converting opt-in page before moving onto to a 4 step video product /service masterclass where you nurture leads into sales

The 4 in 1 Authority Engine Funnel Campaign Is For Coaches, Agencies, Salespeople & Thought Leaders Who Want To Amplify Their Authority & Generate Leads and Sales With Their Own High Ticket Products & Services 

A FREE Strategy Call Funnel to convert leads into buyers.This funnel has all automation included and a built in calendar to start booking calls within hours. 

This funnel was originally built to sell my 7 Figure Sales Skills book7 Figure Sales Academy course which went on to do over $60,000 in sales in the first month alone. This proven funnel can be yours today. 

The 4 in 1 Authority Engine Funnel Campaign Is For Coaches, Agencies, Salespeople & Thought Leaders Who Want To Amplify Their Authority & Generate Leads and Sales With Their Own High Ticket Products & Services 

A HIGH TICKET APPLICATION FUNNEL with all automation included along with pre-written email sequences, questionnaires and on-boarding sequence

This webinar funnel was originally built to sell access to my PACER Method training and on the first webinar we had over 300 attendees and generated $16,000 in sales. This proven funnel can be yours today.

FREE Male & Female Strategy Funnel Call Campaigns. Download your FREE STRATEGY CALL FUNNEL and get access to our video training to learn how to edit your site with your content in no time flat.

Optimized For ALL Devices 

Never worry about what device your visitors view your authority engine on.

All our funnels are built and optimized for mobile and tablet devices

  • Designed for conversions...on all devices

    All pages are designed for maximum conversions and optimized for all devices including tablets, phones and desktop.

  • So simple to edit :) 

    All the hard work is done and everything is in place for you, just add your logo and edit the text and colours to be up and running fast.

  • Training & Support Included

    When you purchase one of our funnels you also get access to our members area with both KARTRA specific video training along with funnel and marketing training

What Customers Are Saying...

"Scott Is A True Thought Leader !"


Scott is an intelligent and committed individual who takes pride in his work. He has an open, direct and pragmatic style that commands respect and a willingness to provide honest feedback. His courage in challenging the statue quo establishes him as a true thought leader in any industry.



Amar Mangu

Banking Consultant​

"YOU ROCK !!" 


Hi Scott, I saw your offer hit my mailbox this morning and I could not wait to open it knowing the other high quality products you offer. And You Rock !! and I am certainly not the first to tell you that :)

Best Wishes and a nice day, all the way from France


Sophie Perrin


"ROI Is Virtually Guaranteed"


I've known Scott and the team for quite some time and I can tell you that no-one else I've dealt with puts more thought, planning, care and passion into what they create for their customers.


There's not a thing this guy and his team does without putting 100%. You'll absolutely get your money's worth and I recommend staying in touch with Scott and his team as your ROI is virtually guaranteed. Great work Scott!

Kezz Bracey

Owner -​

When you take action you also get access to the Authority Funnels Membership where you're also getting these kick ass bonuses!




Get access to our video training to understand how to convert more of your visitors into leads using our proven AUTHORITY ENGINE BLUEPRINT.


This blueprint includes a funnel calculator, for you to assess potential ad spend, my Prospect to Client Pathway that will assist you in determining what you need to do at each step during the customer journey.


You also receive my photoshoot guide which is a step by step reference to help you capture the best possible photos for your authority funnel on all pages.



The platform all our funnels are built in is called Kartra. It is a super simple page builder and marketing automation platform. The page you are on right now is built with it :)


When you take action today, you will get access to my 8 video (and growing) training series so you can learn and get the most out of your Kartra platform in an afternoon.


For you to get access to your Authority Engine Funnel, you will need a Kartra account. You can sign up for their starter plan with a $1 14 day free trial. This is the most simple sales and marketing automation platform I know, and I swear by it for all my sales and marketing activities. 



This video training is a component of our premium sales training membership 7 Figure Sales Academy called From Prospect to Paying Client. How to use strategy sessions to sell without being salesy


For many small business owners or solopreneurs, the idea of selling is uncomfortable. They equate it with being pushy and using ‘hard sell’ techniques. While this thinking is understandable, especially if the product is you, it will never get your business to the next level.


So how can you make the sales you need without sounding like a used-car salesman? How can you provide the service your clients want while staying true to yourself? In this course, we’ll answer those questions and more.


You’ll learn the powerful skills of selling in a ‘non-salesy’ way, so that it’s a natural step for clients to say “yes” to your offers. You’ll conquer your fears about selling and you’ll create a system that puts your sales process on autopilot.


Now this sales training is primarily aimed at service providers, consultants, coaches and agency owners as an example, who are looking to learn the process you need to follow from A-Z to learn how to find, nurture and close prospects and turn them into high paying clients.

This video training is a component of our premium sales training membership 7 Figure Sales Academy  




and fill in the blanks video templates for your optin pages, application pages and even your onboarding pages and webinars.


As you can see here I have created these slides following my proven structure and storytelling framework to assist you in creating your very own sales video for your high ticket offers.


I have created one framework each for optin, salesvideo and even onboarding. I have even added script notes under each slide !


Use this “fill in the blank” templates to quickly create your HIGH VALUE application pitch. All you need to do is add compelling images, customize to match your brand and add your speakers notes. This will save you hours of hard work.


You even get my solution demo framework and pre-meeting planner in PDF format

Automate Your Authority Building

& Sales Process

Take action now and deploy your very own client getting system. 

These Are More Than Just Funnels...They Are FULL BLOWN MARKETING CAMPAIGNS! 


All pre-integrated within Kartra along with a mountain of bonuses.


These are more than just funnels though, this comes with high converting and pre-written and/or placeholder copy you can easily edit, email sequences, gorgeous page designs and more to nurture prospects through each stage of your funnel all the while increasing the know, like and trust factor you need to close high value sales.


CONVERT more of your visitors into leads and leads into sales


Deploy into your KARTRA account in 60 seconds, along with video training


Everything has already been done, IT IS ALL PRE INTEGRATED so all you really need to do is swap out a few pictures with your own and modify the colours to your brand.


Get your very own Authority Engine Funnel Campaign now and you will get your special code to get access to the funnel and our video training in the members area and to learn how to edit your site with your content in no time flat.

All Pages Are Built Using Our

Authority Engine Framework

The Authority Engine Framework has been created after years of tweaking  and testing as well as building out these sites for multiple clients. Over that time I’ve seen what works well and what doesn’t. And the truth is...


Most websites get it wrong.


Your home / landing page is THE MOST important page on your website  and it’s vital that you get it right. If not, your visitor might leave and  never come back.


The top 5 reasons why people don’t stick around are:


1.You don’t look trustworthy

2.You’re not telling them why they should stick around

3.You look like and amateur rather than an expert

4.You don’t stand out from others in your industry

5.You’re not telling people what to do next


If you make any of these mistakes then you’ll leave your visitor feeling   confused, frustrated or even worse... underwhelmed.


I use a particular framework when building a personal brand homepage  that eliminates all of the issues above. It will help position yourself as the  best option for your ideal clients and get them to stick around longer.


I call this framework The Authority Engine Framework


Regardless of what business you’re in, the framework still works.


Although you may offer different products or services from your  competitors, you still have to communicate what you do effectively and  that’s what the framework will show you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get asked about our sales and marketing funnels but if you have a different question not answered here, just click on the chat icon to get in touch.

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