Let's face it, getting in touch with new prospects is harder than ever. With cold calling becoming less effective and cold emails remaining unopened or worse yet, ignored altogether, you need to be creative when it comes to contacting your prospects and clients. 


    The world is changing. We increasingly expect personalized experiences and content, so why should video be any different?

    Personalized Video improves click-through rates, on-page conversions, and engagement rates



    To communicate with today's modern buyer, you need to truly connect with your prospects and clients. But in today's inbox, basic email just doesn't cut it. Take a look at your inbox right now, how many unread emails do you have ? With VIDCONTACT you can now personalise your sales process, and gets you face to face with the people who matter most!


    Today's buyers crave personalized experiences that they can consume in their own time. With video, you can give them that and so much more. VIDCONTACT helps you increase engagement with your prospects and customers.


    Audiences want to lean into personalized videos that help bring your audience into the story by including information you need to connect with them like their name or maybe their company. But this is more than just a cool party trick. Businesses like these are seeing up to five times increases in click through rates and 80% longer engagement.

    Book More Meetings & Stand Out From Your Competition

    Sales ain’t easy. Prospects are harder to reach than ever. VIDCONTACT helps you and your team break through the noise to connect with more prospects, generate more pipeline, and close more deals. Look at just some of the ways you can use VIDCONTACT.

    • Prospect Outreach

      Push past your prospects cluttered inbox with a personalised video message. 

    • Meeting Follow Up

      Show your customers you pay attention to the details with video messages to follow up meetings.

    • Product Demos

      Make simple product demos for your clients with a personal touch they will love.

    • Birthday Messages

      Send your clients a personal happy birthday message and you know they will remember you.

    • Upsell Opportunities

      Contact existing customer via personal video to explore upsell opportunities.

    • Revive Cold Accounts

      Bring opportunities in your pipeline back from the dead.

    Proven, Ready Made Authority Funnels To Automate Your Sales &

    Accelerate Your Authority

    Completely automated funnels designed for thought leaders and influencers

    built in the all in one platform KARTRA

    How It Works..

    All our funnels work exclusively with Kartra and can be imported straight into your account and ready for you to customise in minutes! You also receive free video training on how to use them.

    Choose Your Funnel

    Take your personal brand next level with your own authority website, lead gen machine, 

    with sales and marketing automation all included !

    Similar to the famed PLF style product launch funnel, this masterclass funnel begins with a high converting opt-in page before moving onto to a 4 step video product /service masterclass where you nurture leads into sales

    A FREE Strategy Call Funnel to convert leads into buyers.This funnel has all automation included and a built in calendar to start booking calls within hours. 

    This funnel was originally built to sell my 7 Figure Sales Skills book7 Figure Sales Academy course which went on to do over $60,000 in sales in the first month alone. This proven funnel can be yours today. 

    A HIGH TICKET APPLICATION FUNNEL with all automation included along with pre-written email sequences, questionnaires and on-boarding sequence

    This webinar funnel was originally built to sell access to my PACER Method training and on the first webinar we had over 300 attendees and generated $16,000 in sales. This proven funnel can be yours today.

    Optimized For ALL Devices 

    Never worry about what device your visitors view your authority engine on.

    All our funnels are built and optimized for mobile and tablet devices

    • Designed for conversions...on all devices

      All pages are designed for maximum conversions and optimized for all devices including tablets, phones and desktop.

    • So simple to edit :) 

      All the hard work is done and everything is in place for you, just add your logo and edit the text and colours to be up and running fast.

    • Training & Support Included

      When you purchase one of our funnels you also get access to our members area with both KARTRA specific video training along with funnel and marketing training

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the most common questions we get asked about our sales and marketing funnels but if you have a different question not answered here, just click on the chat icon to get in touch.

    Do I have to have Kartra in order to use these Funnels?

    Once I've bought a DONE FOR YOU Funnel what happens?

    What do I need to do to get it all working?

    Can I use the funnels more than once?

    Do you provide any support if I get stuck?

    Are there any tutorial videos on how to use the Funnels and get them up and running?

    Can I use these funnels with ClickFunnels, Wordpress or any other page builder ?

    Are your funnels guaranteed to work?

    What should I do if I have questions that are not answered here ?

    Send us a message at our helpdesk 


    We will respond with an answer.



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