Take your personal brand next level with your own custom authority website, lead gen machine, 

with sales and marketing automation all included !

Prospect List

Building With Opt-ins

Book Meetings With Calendar Integration

Members Area & Helpdesk Integrated

All Sales & Marketing Automation Included

There are a variety of options available for you to get your own Authority Engine Funnel. You can choose from one of our pre-made funnel packages and edit yourself within the Kartra platform. Alternatively, if you would like our team to design a custom funnel for you and your brand just check out the simple 3 step process we use to take your brand from zero to hero with our custom funnel solutions.

After you have booked your free consult call on our calendar we will discuss your requirements and if we both determine we would like to work together you will be sent an onboarding questionnaire that provides our team the initial information we need to scope your project.


This information gives us information such as...


  • Your Customer's Journey
  • Your potential audience and Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Your Million Dollar Message and Personal Story 
  • Business Goals
  • Your Solutions, Products, Programs or Services

We then get on a follow up call and do a deep dive and begin to understand in detail the above elements


Then, our team puts together a high level overview and project plan for us to build your Authority Engine Funnel.



We then schedule another call to discuss step 2...

In step 2, we now have a clear understanding of the key elements of your funnel and target audience. Now we need to get access to your creatives such as photos, videos, copy, whitepapers, video training, program info etc.


If you would like us to write the copy, organise professional photo or video shoot we can do all of the above for an additional fee.


At this point we take the copy, photos, story, and the information we have gathered about your target audience and build out your custom funnel.


We design a custom authority engine funnel that strategically drives visitors to your call-to-actions


We’ll define your new brand through the initial Homepage design and make it really easy for you to review and provide feedback.


Once the brand style and Homepage is approved, we’ll get going on the other pages of your site and build out initial sales and marketing automation before moving onto step 3... 

In step 3 we move onto user testing and client approvals before sending your site live ! In this step we connect all the relevant sales and marketing automation with your funnel and begin user testing in a "test" environment.


Only when all elements are working seamlessly and in line with client expectations, we then get on a video call to walk you through in detail each element of your new authority engine funnel. We also record that session so you can download and replay at your convenience.


We then provide you with login details for you to gain access and edit (if you wish) for future offers, updates etc. ( We provide training videos for this).


Alternatively, you may wish to keep this hands off and leave it to the experts (Us :) We can provide ongoing maintenance for a low monthly fee.   

Homepage Framework 


We use a particular framework when building a personal brand homepage. 


It will help position yourself as the best option for your ideal clients and get them to stick around longer.


I call this framework The Authority Engine Framework.


Regardless of what business you’re in, the framework still works. Although you may offer different products or services from your competitors, you still have to communicate what you do effectively and that’s what the framework will show your visitors.


As you can see we leave no stone unturned when it comes to speaking directly to you avatar and explaining what is you do and how you help.

About, Work With Me, Book A Meeting Pages & More

We don't just stop at the home page. For you to build true authority we include other vital pages such as:

  • About Page

    This is where you tell your personal story to engage with your ideal customer avatar. This is your chance to show your human side as well as the journey you have undertaken to get to where you are now 

  • Training Page

    This page will showcase value to your potential clients. This can include paid programs, products or solutions, or purely free educational content to deliver value to your target audience and nurture them through their buying journey.

  • Optin Page

    We will build you an optin page that is designed for conversions. You can use this for a free offer of a whitepaper about your industry, a training video or whatever your audience deems valuable.

  • Book A Call Strategy Page

    This page will highlight why your ideal customer should book a meeting with you to discuss their needs. Again this can be a free or paid gateway. You will highlight why they should book a meeting with you with clear calls to action that integrate with a calendar for hands off automation.

  • Helpdesk Page

    The inbuilt helpdesk will assist you in keeping track of enquiries and questions. Rather than sift through emails to find your clients questions, your inbuilt helpdesk comes with a ticketing system that is highly professional and you can also use the livechat functionality, customers can obtain their own invoices etc. 

  • Membership Area

    Using this members area is a great way for you to generate further authority with your audience and nurture leads. You can offer some form of training and build a community within the members area for you to grow your audience and increase the know, like and trust factors.

All The In-Built Automations and Funnel Structure

Once our team has built out the required funnel pages, we then get to work on the sales & marketing automation 

  • Email List Setup

    Not only do we design the optin page for new subscribers, we also will design the email templates that go out via your inbuilt autoresponder. We then automate an initial sequence of between 7-10 emails that will be part of a nurturing sequence, designed around your end goal call to action 

  • Tags & Scoring

    Not all customers are the same, so we setup automated behavioural based tags within the funnel so we can be sure you are providing the most relevant content and information to that visitor based on their interest and where they are in the buyers journey.

  • Analytics

    Our team sets up all the relevant pixel codes so as to provide you with analytics that matter. You can see video views, page views, products sold and so much more. These analytics will give you a complete customer and campaign view.

Optimized For ALL Devices 

Never worry about what device your visitors view your authority engine on. All our funnels are built and optimized for mobile and tablet devices

What Customers Are Saying...

"Scott Is A True Thought Leader !"


Scott is an intelligent and committed individual who takes pride in his work. He has an open, direct and pragmatic style that commands respect and a willingness to provide honest feedback. His courage in challenging the statue quo establishes him as a true thought leader in any industry.



Amar Mangu

Banking Consultant​

"YOU ROCK !!" 


Hi Scott, I saw your offer hit my mailbox this morning and I could not wait to open it knowing the other high quality products you offer. And You Rock !! and I am certainly not the first to tell you that :)

Best Wishes and a nice day, all the way from France


Sophie Perrin


"ROI Is Virtually Guaranteed"


I've known Scott and the team for quite some time and I can tell you that no-one else I've dealt with puts more thought, planning, care and passion into what they create for their customers.


There's not a thing this guy and his team does without putting 100%. You'll absolutely get your money's worth and I recommend staying in touch with Scott and his team as your ROI is virtually guaranteed. Great work Scott!

Kezz Bracey

Owner - KezzBracey.com​


After you have booked your free consult call on our calendar we will discuss your requirements and if we both determine we would like to work together you will be sent an on-boarding questionnaire that provides our team the initial information we need to scope your project

Here is what we will talk about on your free consult call


  • Your Customer's Journey

  • Your potential audience and Ideal Customer Avatar

  • Your Million Dollar Message and Personal Story 

  • Your Business Goals

  • Your Solutions, Products, Programs or Service

  • How our team may be able to assist

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