In this video training, global outsourcing expert Scott Allan, will take you through the drivers of outsourcing, contact centre statistics for the Australian marketplace, the future of customer management and more

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Scott is the founder of SALLAN GLOBAL and 7 Figure Sales Academy. He is also a customer contact and outsourcing expert who has worked with multiple blue-chip clients to improve customer experience and business efficiency.

How I Can Help Your Business

With Outsourcing

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Experience & Capability

I have extensive experience working with business to provide the right solutions that have increased revenue, provided operational cost reductions and more. See below on how I can help your business


  • Strategic Partnerships

    Identifying strategic BPO/Outsourcing/In Sourcing partnership opportunities with Tier 1 brands in the Australian and Global markets.

  • Inbound Contact Centre Solutions

    High volume inbound (e.g customer service, sales, help desk/technical support).

  • Outbound Contact Centre Solutions

    Large scale outbound and customer contact projects (e.g sales, customer service).

  • Business Development & Account Management

    New business development, client management and project management.

  • Omni & Multi Channel Solutions

    Multi channel project management, voice, web chat, social media, email, sms .



Awards & Recognition

So, Why Outsource ?

Communicate With The Modern Customer​

Today, companies are realizing that customer excellence is really what drives people. A sub-par customer service can result to customer loss, and it’s a tough pill to swallow. Businesses are now seeking ways to make sure that they are identified with excellent customer service.

The Modern Customer Wants Personalised Communication

The customer of today and tomorrow have changed the way we interact. The new generation wants broader, warmer, more personalised conversations with businesses, different from the cold, monotonous, and over-scripted talks a lot of offshore businesses implement.

Multi & Omni Channel Communication Is Key​

Customers now have different preferences in terms of communication, and multi-skilled BPO providers who can also supply different communication channels can help tremendously in providing superb customer service.


Australian businesses are seeking partners that can add value and they are looking to build more partnerships locally and realising the benefit to outsource…

It Ain't That Easy​

The bulk of business in Australia handle their own communication channels, but in dealing with the modern customer, they are beginning to realise its not that easy. The daily challenges companies face dealing with their core business, leaves little time for communicating effectively with their customers.


They may not have the technology or infrastructure to manage their customers efficiently. Even if they do, they realise the costs involved to manage their customers can make good CX cost prohibitive. So what can you do ?


Find the right outsource partner and you can not only meet these challenges head on, but take your customer contact to the next level.

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